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BBC announces Rowing Stalwarts as Unsung Heroes – One identified with Parkinson‘s Disease: British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, has announced two volunteers who were into coaching young rowers and novices for decades as the recipients of Get Inspired Unsung Hero Awards. Simon Gifford Mead has won the award for South West England
The British Rowing Indoor Championships Applications are open: British Rowing has announced that applications are open for the widely acclaimed British Rowing Indoor Championships, which is planned to be held on February 8, 2015. The greatly famous Olympic Velodrome, which is currently called by the name Lee

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The Advantages of Winter Workout: Rowers won’t have the chances to hit the waters in winter and people who thought of getting into rowing might postpone their plans to inquire about rowing schools and memberships until spring. But, winter need not be essentially a time for break for rowers as they can use an indoor rower. Here are a few reasons why you
Rowing for everyone – How disabled persons can participate in rowing races?: Rowing, unlike many other sports, does not limit the participants by ability or disability and when it comes to British Rowing, classifications which are collectively named as Rowability enables rowers to actively participate in races even if they are disabled. Classifications Disabled rowers are classified into three types namely LTA, TA and AS. LTA stands for Legs, Trunk & Arms, TA
How Rowing Can Be More Than Just A Sport?: Rowing, for many people, is just a sport filled with action, thrill and adventure, whereas for many others, it is great exercise where every part of the body can be worked out. But, apart from just being a sport and a form of exercise, rowing can also be a great pastime which can be enjoyed alone or in group.

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Advantages of enrolling your young children to Rowing Programs Rowing is a sport which is fast gaining its fame among people across and outside of England in the recent years, and recently, it has become one of the
Rowing Boats Events in Olympics and Paralympics Rowing races are one of the most famous Olympic sports and Great Britain is one of the most successful country in winning medals in Olympic and Paralympics. Below are

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British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, has announced two volunteers
British Rowing has announced that applications are open for