Basic Things To Know About Racing In ARA Regatta Championships

ARA conducts a number of races every year for all types of rowers and for all ages & skill levels. Out of all those competitions, Regattas were always considered as the most entertaining for spectators because of its side by side race course and the thrill it instills in the audience during every second of the race.

If you are looking forward to join any rowing club across Northport so that you can take part in any of the regattas conducted by ARA, you should be aware of some of the most common facts that every rower should know about ARA Regatta Championships such as Henley and the Head of the River.

Entries to the regattas should always be made through the coaches and not otherwise. Even if the entry is made by any of the crew members or a common representative of the rowing club, the coach would be held responsible for the crew’s entry into the regatta championship. Usually, the payments for races and the transportation expenses were borne by crew members individually and were paid before the commencement of regatta championships.

Costs Involved
ARA Regatta participations charges are usually per seat basis and they are fixed by the rowing club which hosts the regatta. For juniors, the costs are usually £2.50 per seat and for adults it would be around £5. Regattas which are organized by British Rowing would cost around £5 to £30 per seat based on the type of event, as well as the age and skill level of the participant.

A nominal boat transportation charge of £5 is usually charged per race by the organizing rowing club and it may differ if the concerned rowing club decides otherwise.

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