How Rowing Can Be More Than Just A Sport?

Rowing, for many people, is just a sport filled with action, thrill and adventure, whereas for many others, it is great exercise where every part of the body can be worked out. But, apart from just being a sport and a form of exercise, rowing can also be a great pastime which can be enjoyed alone or in group. Here are few ways to enjoy rowing in your leisure time, apart from competing in races.

River Challenge
Exploring the beautiful rivers of England can never be more fun and thrilling than riding a rowboat, where you are always inches away from the waters and feel even the tiniest of the movements. You can either go on to explore the five longest rivers of our nation or just choose a course where you can put your rowing skills to test, like the Needles and the way back. If you just want to test your strength against your friends, then you have a lot of rowing clubs with indoor rowing machines, where you can experience realistic rowing without getting into the waters or getting your body wet.

If you are looking for an even more serene rowing experience, try rowing the complete distance of River Thames, where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views you could ever come across.
Fund Raisers
Rowing for a reason was not something new to the people of Newport, as several rowing events conducted by British Rowing and several rowing clubs across the country donate the funds raised from such events to charity or children welfare. You can join hands with any of your nearest rowing clubs to organize such an event and bring in everyone you know to participate in such rowing events, to ensure your contribution to the weaker population of the country.

Apart from rowing for fund raisers or taking up as challenges, you can take up a tourist rowboat and just row as you please in the silent waters of a lake or a reservoir. This can be done either alone or with your friends, and however you do it, pleasure is always guaranteed.

So, wait no more and break what is holding you from trying out rowing, as you have more than just a sport when you get into rowing.

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