Rowing Boats Events in Olympics and Paralympics

Rowing races are one of the most famous Olympic sports and Great Britain is one of the most successful country in winning medals in Olympic and Paralympics. Below are the list of some of the most famous Olympic and Paralympics rowing events and their general types.

Scull is a type of rowing race where the rowers have two blades each, seated one behind another. There are different types of double scull races in both Olympics and Paralympics such as Men’s Double Scull, Women’s Double Scull and Mixed Double Scull, apart from lightweight sculling races for both men and women.

Other sculling races include single scull and quadruple scull for both men and women, where the number of rowers is one and four respectively.

Oaring/Sweep Races
Sweep races are rowing races where each rower has only one oar or blade, and usually has a coxswain who directs the crew and steers the rowboat. Individual races are there for crews of four and eight members each, for both men and women, whereas there is an event for coxed four with mixed crew members.

A list of events, seating arrangements and oar formation details can be found in British Rowing website.

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