Rowing for everyone – How disabled persons can participate in rowing races?


Rowing, unlike many other sports, does not limit the participants by ability or disability and when it comes to British Rowing, classifications which are collectively named as Rowability enables rowers to actively participate in races even if they are disabled.

Disabled rowers are classified into three types namely LTA, TA and AS. LTA stands for Legs, Trunk & Arms, TA for Trunk & Arms and AS for Arms & Shoulders. Out of these three, LTA is the most functional one, whereas AS is the least. People belong to less functional classification can come forward to participate in races meant for a more functional classification. But, persons from a more functional class cannot participate in races meant for a less functional one. For instance, persons who belong to TA or AS can participate in LTA races, whereas LTA cannot participate in either of the other class rates.

Classification Process
Classification of disabled persons as Adaptive Rowers who are willing to participate in rowing races is done through several processes which include a registration to be done with Maddie Millichap, where the location and time of classification process would be informed to the registrants.

Registrants will be assessed by two classifiers before classifying them under any of the three classes, where one classifier is medical and the other is technical. The registrants should bring all the supporting equipment like crutches they use along with them when they appear for classification process, in order to perform a complete medical assessment. Also, they will be asked to sign several declaration forms such as the Adaptive Rower Consent Form, Emergency Procedures Form and Declaration of Medical Conditions, etc.

After assessment, they will declared either New, Review or Confirmed if eligible to be listed under any of the three classes, and Not Eligible, if they don’t fit into any of the classes. Even after classification, a British Rowing Racing licence is required to participate in races meant for Adaptive Rowers.

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