The British Rowing Indoor Championships Applications are open

British Rowing has announced that applications are open for the widely acclaimed British Rowing Indoor Championships, which is planned to be held on February 8, 2015. The greatly famous Olympic Velodrome, which is currently called by the name Lee Valley Velo Park, will be the venue of this famous indoor championship and participation from approximately 2500 rowers are expected by British Rowing.

There are challenges for rowers of every age, gender, skill level and ability, as people, young or old, skilled or disabled, can participate in a range of challenges available for every type of rowers. Whether you are an advanced rower or just row casually on your leisure time, you can readily find a completion across 1k and 2k which can just fit into your strength, weight and age category.

Among the many formats of racing which would be held in the British Rowing Indoor Championships, one of the most famous events is the Team Relay rowing race. In this formation, teams of four crew members each could participate and each member should row for exactly 500 meters, after which the next member will take over. This row race format is open for both men and women crewed teams, as well as mixed crews as well.

Participations are strictly first come first serve basis and participations should strictly be made through an active rowing club or a rowing school. Participants can make use of the early bird participation prices, which will change to normal rates after December 18, 2014. Thos who wish to participate in the British Rowing Indoor Championships can apply for the same in the British Rowing’s website.

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