Ways To Become A British Rowing Umpire

Rowboat races are one of the most thrilling, adventurous and spectacular sport to participate and to watch. It is of utmost important that the safety of the rowers are ensured before, whilst and after the races when a race if underway and so as the need to make sure that every rowers, crew or club gets a fair competition. This is why the rowing umpires are considered extremely important in rowboat races.

Rowboat race umpires are mostly expert rowers themselves who have stopped participating in the sport due to age or personal restrictions, but still wanting to be an active part of racing without being a rower in the race. British Rowing has its own National Umpiring Committee, which allows people to obtain Umpires License of various types and take part in national and international rowboat races as umpires. There is a regional office of the National Umpiring Committee in almost all the row club regions across the country and a person willing to obtain an Umpire License can apply directly through their local region office.

There are three types of rowboat umpiring licenses which are Umpire License, FISA Licence and Umpire Licence with Multi Lane Endorsement. The Umpire License can be obtained to participate in domestic, single lane races, whereas those with Multi Lane endorsement can be the umpires of Regattas and other multi lane rowboat races. Those with FISA licence can become umpires of international rowing championships, as well as in races conducted in Olympics.

The National Competition Committee has some certain rules to be bound by the National Umpiring Committee of British Rowing, and all the training, assessment, administration and certification of the applicants should be done with complete compliance to the Competition Committee’s guidelines. The committee for Umpires License has Dan Smith as its chairman and the committee for multi lane endorsement and FISA licensing has John Ledger as the head.

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